October 2017

Please join us for our
Customer Appreciation Harvest Party!
Saturday, October 21 from 11-4

Giveaways, Food, Door Prize Drawings, Kid Crafts, & FUN!

We want to THANK YOU for making our first year all together in one location a GREAT one!


Sundance Garden Center
Located at the Evergreen Design Center – 27945 Meadow Drive

Linda’s Garden Center Tip:

You know it’s fall planting time when….
you get your first killing frost (bye bye annuals), the deer and elk start losing velvet on their antlers, you start turning on the heat in your car and there’s frost on you windshield, the smell of wood-burning stoves is in the air, you say “Man, it’s cold out!”, and sadly, the hummingbirds have moved on to warmer places.

These are your signals that it’s time to get busy in the garden.

  • It’s time to dispose of all those diseased leaves that so many of the aspen contracted this season, along with the leaves that got a bad case of powdery mildew.
  • Spread a layer of sheep and peat over your gardens. Rain and snow turn it into manure tea that will seep deep into the soil and add nourishment.
  • Plant perennials, trees, shrubs, spring blooming bulbs, and garlic.
  • Give all established plants a healthy drink of kelp to keep the roots strong.
  • Make notes or take pictures of your garden to refresh your memory of what to expect next spring.
  • Bring home some mums and pansies for color that will last well into late fall.

Garden Center Special:
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