November News 2017

Small Business Saturday is Here!

Shop local today, Saturday, November 25th.
Sundance is all about “small business”, locally owned and operated for 40 years.
As our way of thanking you for supporting the small business movement,
holiday ornaments will be buy-one-get-one 1/2 price*.

Many of our artisans are local, so supporting us supports our community.
Remember, shopping small supports local families, craftsmen, and artists.
We couldn’t do it without you. We hope to see you on Saturday, 10-5.
*(artist consignment excluded).

Tree of love in autumn. Red heart shaped tree at sunset.Autumn season concept.Beautiful landscape with red tree and falling leaves.Love background

We are so thankful for you, our loyal friends and customers.  
We hope you are enjoying this beautiful warm weather.  
Here is a reminder that our gardens still need some love and  
attention over the winter months.
Follow these tips from the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado:
  • Remember watering season doesn’t always end when the sprinkler system is winterized. Do the screwdriver test on the lawn and if the soil is dry, pull out the hose and sprinkler to water dry areas manually.
  • South-facing and sloped areas dry out first. Make them the priority for fall and winter watering. Since dry lawns are where turf mites thrive, keeping soil moist will deter these pests as well.
  • If you are watering the lawn, trees in the lawn will receive some moisture. But trees in bed areas also need water. Best practice is to use a deep-root watering device that attaches to a garden hose. Probe the soil at intervals around the drip line of the tree so that water is pushed deep into the root zone. The drip line is the circle you would draw on the ground that corresponds to the outside reach of the tree’s branches. This method is also advisable for trees in lawn areas.
  • The root systems of all newly planted lawns, trees, shrubs and perennials are much less developed than those of mature plants. New plants will need extra monitoring and moisture so they are prepared to enter the winter.