March 2017

Let Spring Begin

Our growing season is just around the corner. YAY!

Are you chomping at the bit to get outside and dig in the dirt? We get it. While we are waiting we can make a plan:

  • Take inventory of what worked and what didn’t
  • Map out plants that need to be moved
  • Could you use a focal point or water feature?
  • Clean and organize your tools, pots, and shed
  • If the ground is not frozen get a jump start on weeding
  • Add compost and fresh mulch (see coupon below)

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant” -Robert Louis Stevenson

Linda’s Garden Center Tip

Sundance Garden Center now at the Evergreen Design Center

VIP Reminder!

The garden center has moved and is now located at 27945 Meadow Dr.,  literally, a stone’s throw up the street from our old location. Though we are still a work in progress, we are open and read for a new gardening season.

March usually tends to be a fickle month with warm spring-like days followed by cold, snowy winter ones. Make the most of the nice ones and do some general clean-up, but resist removing mulch from tender perennials and roses.

February was unusually dry and warm. If March imitates February be sure to water your gardens…especially newly planted material.  Water every couple of weeks if necessary. Spring flowering bulbs are peeking thru earlier then usual.  Apply an animal repellent, such as Bobbex or Liquid Fence, periodically to ensure you get to enjoy the blooms.

March is good time to start some vegetable seeds indoors and sow wildflower seed outdoors right before a heavy snowstorm. It’s also a good time to clean out birdhouses. Our cold-hardy pansies will be arriving within the next 2 weeks.  They can take the cold and snow!

Garden Center Special:
Even though it is too early to till your garden soil, it is not too early to take advantage of our ANNUAL 20% OFF SOIL, COMPOST, and MULCH SALE.
This sale is good thru March 31st. Buy now… pick up by April 15th.

Sundance by Design

New look, new lines, new artists. Same friendly service, same free gift packaging, even more unique garden art and gifts.

We are getting large deliveries every day of ceramics garden art, air plants, artisan birdhouses, benches, birdbaths, solar lights, houseplants, fairy gardens, planters, and so much more. We look forward to showing you around!